Bumilangit Digital NFTs Book

Digital Art Collection of Bumilangit Superheroes


Bumilangit Digital NFTs book is a library for Bumilangit Superheroes digital arts. From our fast libraries of more than 1200 characters, fans can collect digital arts of their favorite heroes. Since RA Kosasih first created Sri Asih as the first Indonesian superhero in 1954, a wave of heroes arose from Indonesian creators, including Si Buta dari Goa Hantu in 1967, Gundala by Hasmi in 1969, and Godam by Wid NS also in 1969 to name a few. All now join in the great tale of Bumilangit Universe. Bumilangit’s digital art collection will be kickstarted with Gundala and Sri Asih as a part of a unique NFT series with a special drop coming out for the most devoted fans of Bumilangit. Collect Now and build your own Bumilangit digital art gallery!


Sri Asih and Gundala is the first series with digital art collection showcased as NFTs. In 1954, RA Kosasih created Sri Asih as the first Indonesian Superhero! Meanwhile, Gundala is one of the most famous Bumilangit’s character. After a worldwide show of Gundala Movie, we are releasing the first collection of Gundala in its classic suit as created by Hasmi in 1969 as well as the classic suit of Sri Asih. This first collection is part of a series that’s exclusively made for digital art collection.

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